The Children's Ministry serves children from birth to adulthood. The function of this ministry is for in-reach discipleship and outreach ministry. The ministry exists, to lead our young people to salvation and holiness through Jesus Christ and to provide various activities, which are conducive for spiritual and personal growth and development.

Our Purpose:

To challenge youth to think and live scripturally in their everyday lifestyle.
To raise up young people who will boldly profess Jesus Christ is Lord.
To aggressively pursue unchurched teens and young adults and see to it that their lives are transformed into a mirror that reflects the image of Christ.
To share the gospel message in a relevant way, helping children to understand that “holiness” is a proven foundation even for youth culture today.
To promote adherence to the Word of God without compromise.
To accomplish this purpose, regularly scheduled bible studies, services, meetings, fellowships, and activities are planned and implemented. Moreover this department helps to provide a wholesome environment for learning God’s word, youth development & skills to live by. The children's ministry caters to the age levels that are trying to find themselves. The children' ministry leaders make themselves available to its members through forums, face to face sessions and etc.

Our ongoing mission is to spiritually impact the children so that their lives reflect the image of Christ, thereby impacting their community, their state and world in a positive way.